Facebook Marketing: What it was and Where it is Going to Be

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Facebook, with 2.23 billion monthly active users, needs no introduction. It started off with only 100 million users in 2008 and is today a leading place to connect. This has made it ideal for businesses of all sizes to carry out their marketing being able to reach a wide spectrum of audience.

3 million small and big businesses depend on Facebook for their marketing while 93% marketers make regular use of the advertising feature. Doesn’t it speak a lot about the importance of Facebook for marketing?

But Facebook didn’t Start Out This Way

Facebook has come a long way from just being a Myspace competitor to having the most number of users as a social media platform. It started out with a simple marketing logic- the more likes you get, the more audience you can reach.

Anybody could create a page of any celebrity and brand and get likes while the concept of brand pages came much later. Now there are 70 million businesses with their own pages on Facebook!

The platform has become one of the most effective marketing tools with 98.5% marketers agreeing it provides the best ROI among all social media sites. Wouldn’t you want your company to take advantage of Facebook marketing too?

Marketing on Facebook nowadays is used to connect with your customers and build strong relationships with them. Marketers use different techniques to engage with their customers and build loyalty rather than just increasing follower count.

Facebook has also brought in many tools for business which they can use to market themselves effectively. Let’s explore them a bit.

Facebook Marketing Trends

Here is a look at how Facebook can help your business connect better with your customers.


Facebook is all about personalization! You must have been surprised by the level of personalization that your birthday video from Facebook featured. The same goes for your news feed- it reflects the people and brand you interact with most.

You need to personalize your messages and publish content according to your audience’s preference. Personalization is key, as 88% US marketers found the technique to provide measurable improvements.

For example, you can use the Context Card feature to access information about your users such as their location and local time and more. Then you can send them messages personalized based on the information.

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 20 million businesses communicate with their customers using Facebook Messenger. It has become one of the most popular ways to interact with your customer and resolve their queries.

You can use this trend to build your reputation by responding instantaneously to customer queries which shows up as your response rate. You can also help your customers while they are shopping and use upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

For example, SnapTravel uses only Facebook Messenger and SMS to conduct bookings and customer interactions.

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Dynamic Marketing

Facebook has a host of tools which make the user experience dynamic and interactive. These include reactions to a post, polls, live videos with user interaction, 360 videos and so on.

You have to take advantage of these tools to engage your customers better. For example, you can conduct a poll based on your products to get the consumers engaged and interested in your offerings.

Uploading native videos on Facebook is also a good way as the platform has 8 billion average daily video views.

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Community Building

Facebook provides good opportunities for building a community of loyal customers. Nearly 5 billion comments are posted each day on Facebook pages your brand can take advantage of this to create a strong relationship with the customers.

You can also offer a more personalized experience and create brand loyalty. For example, using the page, you can directly communicate with your customer and drive loyalty programs like discounts and promotions.

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Omni-Channel Selling

You can sell your products directly using Facebook Shops which is a virtual store. You can also direct them to your website and sell both products and services.

Another way to encourage sales is setting up a chatbot. You can save the salary of a sales rep and use the chatbot to sell products according to customer preferences. For instance, you can order a pizza and request your favourite topping while ordering a Pizza from Dominos using Facebook Messenger chatbot. Doesn’t that sound futuristic?

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Facebook Marketing in Future

Facebook marketing is here to stay, and the future seems exciting. We may find the use of AR and VR which enables brands to create an immersive experience. Facebook already has its own virtual reality platform which users can access using VR headsets.

The Facebook Messenger will become one of the main ways of communication. Customers will shift towards social media messaging apps and companies would also provide assistance using the application. Omni-channel selling will also become a priority as the number of users on Facebook keep on increasing each day.

The platform will also be used to search businesses and users will be able to discover local businesses. It is also working on speech recognition, and we can expect enhanced voice searching similar to Alexa and Google. Facebook will be an integral part of social media marketing for years to come.

Facebook is the Way to Go

Facebook has made a huge stride to emerge as one of the most favourable marketing tools. It enables businesses to use a variety of methods to reach the maximum number of customers and build a strong relationship with them.

Businesses can use the tools to create a more personalized and engaging experience for their customers, which drive sales and brand loyalty.

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