3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business

The digital environment allows businesses to scale amidst the intense competition in the marketplace. However, if you’re relying on the Google search engine to reach prospective clients or build your brand, you should realize that it’s not a hit-and-miss thing. There are ways to boost your business the fastest way possible.

Not everyone is aware of the content strategies successful entrepreneurs use to gain their market foothold. The name of game is ranking high. That means your business should always land on Google’s first search result page (SERP) for utmost visibility.

The search engine can be your business associate if you can familiarize yourself with RankBrain. It is the sophisticated artificial intelligence system used by Google to process search results.

Google’s ranking game

Many are misled to thinking that websites rank high primarily because of SEO Optimization and link-building. To a certain degree, it does help. But it doesn’t necessarily follow that the more content or links you have the better. On the contrary, Google’s algorithm centres on a website’s relevance and usefulness to users.

Google obviously prioritizes the well-loved sites by online surfers. The search engine would sputter and won’t earn a dime if the least-loved websites keep showing up. Therefore, the more popular ones naturally get five-star billing. Given this verified information, wouldn’t you want your website to always land on the first page of search results?

Your business or website can attract more visitors and increase conversion if it’s seen on the hottest page. You can outsmart your rivals and land on the most sought-after organic position on Google.

The hacks that spell success

In addition to knowing Google’s method of ranking, it would be of greater help to learn the hacks that can propel your business to the top of the rankings.

  1. Optimize your CTR

The high-ranking pages you come across while Google searching have higher click-through rates (CTRs). The correlation between ranking position and CTR is crystal clear. The best positions would be in results 1, 2, and 3 on page 1. It would generate the most number of clicks 100% of the time.

Image Source: Google

Thus, your CTR rate is a contributing factor to the success of your business. Let us perform an exercise before expounding on this hack. Type “the importance of brand building” on Google and you will see this appear on your screen as the top site:

Every time you do a Google search, each result will yield two to three lines of major importance. The first line is the main link or the title tag while the next line in green is the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or simply the web address.

In case you see a third line, that is known as a meta description tag. It’s a snippet or a brief description of the web page content in not more than 160 characters. Both the title tag and meta description are significant in prompting clicks.

  • Your title tag should elicit interest first and foremost. Appealing titles usually capture the fancy of visitors especially those that are thought-provoking. One example is “How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science” When your title arouses curiosity, visitors are likely to fall for the bait and click on.


  • While the meta description does not impact on ranking, having one with the right keywords will invite a click. Surfers are an impatient lot and will not waste more than 10 seconds. Thus, keyword search is important. A meta description with the keywords that visitors seek would prompt clicks.

Image Source: Google

2.   Show people exactly want they want at the precise moment

If you see that you’re not creating traffic on your website, revisit your title and meta description. There is a likelihood they are not appealing enough to generate clicks and raise your CTR. It’s disappointing when a prospective client has already accessed your site only to click the “back” button.

·      Keep the attention span

Remember that people will linger on your site because they like what they see. But expect abrupt and sudden disinterest if your website can’t provide the finest user experience. You can maintain ranking only if you can lengthen your guests’ attention span.

·      Ask customers what they want

One effective method is to have a survey form ready on your site. Its purpose is to draw an instant response while visitors are on your website. You can ask how or what you need to improve on to enhance the visitor experience.

The main point here is to get honest observations. You might even produce new and novel ideas. The negative feedbacks, if any, would signal the need for change. Just hope many would oblige and take the survey.

Image Source: Popteenus.com

3.   Work on building a brand

Wouldn’t you want to develop a long-term relationship with your customers? Branding is the solution to achieve that objective. The process is tedious but the effort is all worth it. Creating a positive perception of your business is managing for the long term. Established enterprises attribute their success to perfect branding.

·      Craft a branding strategy

You can gain the decided advantage if the message your brand is conveying possess the right content and specific to your target audience. Your branding strategy will ultimately determine your ranking position. Working on building a brand that will differentiate your business is of utmost importance.

·      Branding could make the difference

Make it your mission to make your brand known in the market. Keep in mind that branding goes beyond logos and placement ads. When word gets around, don’t be surprised to see an exponential increase in your CTR.

The ranking battle will rage on

Nearly all businesses reliant on the Google search engine are after customers’ attention. Because people on the net are lazy to scroll, it would be ideal to stay on top of the rankings. Google has made several modifications to their interface but the battle for ranking is still the game.

Since you’re deeply invested in your business, you might as well do what you have to. Optimize your CTR, keep your customers glued, and be recognized by your brand. When you accomplish all that, you improve your chances of landing on Google’s first search result page. That would be a blast!

Well.. but easier said than done right? Interested to amplify your brand through advertising? Drop us a message at grow@sproutgiant.com and we are ready to help!